Like myself, we are beings in human form and some of our chemistry needs; in fact it craves SPACE.

We desire space. We are emotional conveyors of boundaries that like to own and control. We have our own homes with personal fences, defending our inches of ownership and offices where our staplers define our square feet  all in which we have a personal reaction allocation in our DNA – are we aggressive or passive?

If we sip our coffees together for a minute whilst I show you why space is our new hit, you’ll be ready to do ‘office/home makeover’!

Every minute of our daily life, we subconsciously have physical dialogue with the space we are in- be it at Starbucks or the wine cellar. Our spaces actually shape who we are and how we behave. Do you remember how it feels to be out in the countryside where the fields are yours and the sky is the limit? Can you also recall the feelings of compression and urgency to breathe when you visit the loo on a plane- I bet you wouldn’t be thinking of your next big invention in that wee space?! (pun)

When people feel uncomfortable in their surroundings they are less engaged – not only with the space but also with what they do in it. If they can have some control, that all changes and people report being happier at work. This results in connections with your employer or business more than ever- you turn on your engagement. You become alive to that particular world around you.

There are amazing consequences to our psychological well being and creative performance when we connect with our space. We begin to increase in productivity. We begin to believe more in ourselves and the potential we can bring in that place. We feel happy and free. This is our zone- our space to grow and shine.

Ok, so I’m a woman and you may be a guy. I get it- you need “cave” time. So do I. Let’s establish that right now- we humans need alone time, but not all the time. (There’s a side bit).

Moving on, what do you feel about your space? Here’s a few hints from other space dwellers…

Google released its plans for a new London headquarters, due to open in 2016, that will occupy a space of one million square feet and house an outdoor swimming pool, a full-length indoor football field, a climbing wall and a roof garden — showing that the search engine giant takes its spaces seriously. Imagine yourself in that work space! Do you wonder if creative minds can be expanded here or compressed?

King Arthur apparently preferred seating to be set in circles. It has been proven that sitting in a circle produces a collective mindset. Long live the king.

A higher ceiling in your offices and workplaces brings about feelings of freedom according to a 2007 study. Are our physical bodies so sensory that our minds are linked to our habitats? Is it really that important to be in a space where we can expand?

In short, YES. Space is a connection for all humans. It is the invisible life flow to our potential in business, home and leisure. It releases our selves from ourselves to become something beyond. It takes us out of our containment onto new powers within.

Space is the final frontier.

Stay Classy