Here’s a little experiment, look at the man up there. Take a guess at which job he does in real life, is he a broker on Wall Street, a photocopier Salesman or a Mature Army Marshall coming home for Christmas?

What if I told you that by looking at the first picture on the left that he was actually a multi million pound land lawyer, would you want to buy into his services for your property portfolio?

Why don’t you feel like doing business with him?

You see, in the first 7 seconds of seeing someone for the first time, we have already decided whether they are going to be part of  our investments in money, time and relationships. You can argue otherwise but, it’s very hard to tell yourself not to think that way- it’s a human default.

What if you wanted to invest your Grandmother’s inheritance in some prestigious diamonds. Which of these would you make the call to?

What if the person on the left is the real deal, having clients on her database such as Donald Trump and Bill Gates? She’s missed her next big deal and it was all down to those jeans she wore to meet you in Harrods.

Even if we don’t know it, we are our own walking CV when out in the world. Our choice of clothing is one of the most powerful forms of communication than what we say. The girl on the left (let’s call her Brit) could know all about princess and emerald cut diamonds but do you believe her? Not really, no. Can you see the power in the dress now?!

I used to work for an exclusive French Designer, who sells her products to Harvey Nichols, Harrods and  Selfridges &Co. Part of my contract was that I was not allowed to wear items by domestic designers such as George or H&M as it reflected on my sales. What?! Are you kidding me?! …

It’s true, for two reasons…

1. I quickly learnt that when I wore a jacket worth £1500 or a Mohair scarf- I felt EPIC! and that reflected in my stance, confidence and contagious happiness. I was walking this off and my clients wanted what I had- the whole shebang…sold! Research has shown this really works (Sally Francis 1992)

2. Did my clients know that at the time I was a poor student living off charity shops and tinned soups? No way they didn’t. I put on a different vision for them to buy into and it worked.

dressing like you’re the deal +  feel good factor = get the champers out You won!

You can have so much fun with this! Chris Evans, radio 2 DJ has always worn statement glasses. I honestly believe that part of his success was to down his personal branding – “Ginger Productions”, his glasses got him the deal- I’m sure! A confidence in your attire gets you noticed and recognised for your uniqueness.

We have a school attached to our business centre here below, I’ve noticed in one particular student in that as time has gone on, compared to his first appearance in joggers to now wearing a suit- he’s got my attention. His wardrobe choice for the day said to me ” I’m not messing around anymore, I’m determined to succeed and I respect myself”. Did he tell me that- No, but his clothes did.

Did that affect the way I should perceive him?- Yes.

Would I consider him now for any future opportunities? – Yes

All I’m trying to say is this…as the film ‘Pretty Woman’ with Julia Roberts on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills. When going to the Rolex shop or Wall Street Business, get attention and success with your robes!

Go into that meeting like you got the deal anyway, your clothes said so!

I hope you found this helpful.