Well-known fabulous workplaces

Having a job that leaves you feeling fulfilled and happy at the end of the day can be difficult sometimes. Regardless of whether you’re at work for a big pay check or you’re there to do something that you’re truly passionate about, it’s still difficult to find a workplace that makes you feel comfortable and happy, but also motivated.

When you’re deciding on a job, the workplace is a huge deal. Most of us spend most of our day in the office, so it’s important to make sure that you’re going to work looking forward to being in the office, not thinking of ways that you could avoid going in every morning.

A fantastic workplace leads to employee satisfaction, and employee satisfaction is a big contributor to greater productivity. Essentially, if you want your employees to be motivated you need to create the ideal work environment; most businesses don’t do this, but some businesses get it just right. Here are some well-known businesses that have creating and maintaining a nice workplace as one of their biggest goals.


One of the biggest businesses in the world, Google are hard pushed to make sure that their workplaces are a nice place for their employees to work. Luckily, they rose to the challenge and created workplaces worldwide that are highly praised. It’s not just us saying people enjoy working at Google, either; it has been found that 86% of Google employees are either fairly or extremely satisfied with their job.

Google are known for their employee-friendly offices, offering unique environments which are designed with happiness, motivation and creativity in mind. Although a lot of workplaces are planned with these aims in mind, Google takes this to the next level: slides, bikes, baseball courts, nap pods, video games and massage rooms are all things that you’ll find in the big Google workplaces.


Spotify, everyone’s favourite streaming platform, are known to have unique offices designed to motivate their employees and create a fun environment.

Spotify have eleven offices around the world, and each office has different characteristics to set them apart from the other offices. All Spotify offices are full of vibrant colours, but each has a characteristic that makes it truly distinctive.

It’s clear that Spotify are another business who wants to ensure that all their employees are happy, even when you look at the little things; play areas for break times ensure that employees have time to hang out with each other, and the company often arranges activities for its employees when they work hard.


Facebook is a global social media platform that’s growing consistently, so they know that they have to make sure that their employees are happy when in the office. A recent survey demonstrated that 96% of Facebook employees are highly-satisfied, demonstrating that Facebook are certainly doing something right when it comes to employee satisfaction.

As with the prior two businesses, Facebook have vibrant offices that encourages creativity and workplace happiness. The majority of Facebook offices also feature a number of exciting facilities which all staff are allowed to make use of. These facilities often include cafes, burrito bars and pizza restaurants.

Although your business might not be on the level of Google, Spotify or Facebook – you probably wouldn’t be reading this article if it was – that doesn’t mean that your workplace can’t be an awesome place to work for your employees. A lot of things that make a workplace a nice place to work don’t cost very much at all; something as simple as vividly coloured walls can add a nice touch to an office.

Which of these offices sounds the best to you? We’d love to hear your thoughts.