Having a space for your business to call its own can be a great opportunity to improve the professionalism of your business. Offering members of staff the opportunity to feel more integrated into the team, in a positive working environment, as well as providing you with a place to hold meetings with clients. Hope Park’s on site meeting rooms, breakout area and café provide the perfect space for doing this – with a welcoming, clean environment and all the facilities you could need to make the right impression.

Being a part of a workspace like Hope Park, whether it be in your own serviced office or one of our co-working spaces, gives you the opportunity to make connections with businesses in a similar situation to yourselves. The new contacts that you meet in these environments can be great for helping your business progress and to give a sense of community.

Bradford already has a big economy, the eighth biggest in the country and third largest in the Yorkshire region behind Leeds and Sheffield. Despite this, Bradford is still a city that is flourishing quickly, with GVA increasing by 3.7% between 2014 and 2015, outpacing national growth of 2.6% and Leeds City Region growth of 3.4%. By making the move to Bradford now, your business could reap the benefit of what this growth brings to our city.

Like-minded People
Bradford District is already home to 17,620 businesses employing almost 200,000 people. Bradford is also clearly a hub for entrepreneurs, with nearly 35,000 people being self-employed. This brings more of a chance to work with a wider variety of companies and people. Bradford is also home to the headquarters of a number of major companies, such as Morrison’s, Yorkshire Building Society and Hallmark Cards, including two FTSE 100 companies.

Hope Park Workspaces is in a prime location within Bradford, at the tip of the M606 motorway. This allows easy access to Bradford city centre, with all the amenities you need to thrive. For those who need to travel further, being situated just off the M606 allows you to easily reach nearby cities Leeds, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Halifax and Manchester, making travelling to meetings, conferences or events less hassle and traffic.

If you’re looking to move into office space within Bradford, contact Hope Park for a professional, flexible and accommodating range of workspaces to choose from, sure to suit your business. Alternatively, take a look at our office spaces here or get in touch to find out more.



All data taken from Bradford Council website and correct at time of writing.

As the UK falls back into its second national lockdown in just under a year, most of us are wondering how our daily lives will change when it comes to our jobs. After many of us have converted our living rooms, kitchen tables and the lucky ones with spare rooms into part-time offices, many businesses are wondering – how will our office space evolve when the pandemic is over? Many companies are realising that whilst some prefer the workspace environment, many are happy in the comfort of their own home with a more flexible working lifestyle.

Due to the favourable working from home dynamic, our new satellite office service has proven popular with those who are changing their office strategy due to COVID-19. Having a satellite office can bring two or three locations together by having a central, satellite hub at the middle of all office locations. Employees can dip in and out of the office environment when required – attending meetings, workplace gatherings or simply to have a change of scenery. This gives you the advantage of having the office workplace without the need for several locations. You can read more about the advantages of satellite offices and what we offer as a service.

Here at Hope Park Workspaces, we have implemented various safety precautions to protect both our staff, tenants and visitors from COVID-19. We’ve set up clear Perspex screens around the reception and seating area. Two-metre distance stickers on the floor around reception and the café area, plus Perspex screens protecting the café service section. We have also set up hand sanitizer stations around the building including the main entrance and exit doors to the building. Our cleaning team operates each morning and evening, servicing around the building and antibacterial cleaning hotspot surfaces such as door handles, security door buttons and Perspex screens.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is still a very current issue for all workspaces, we will continue to do our very best to keep all staff, tenants and visitors safe on our premises, as this issue develops.

Whilst we don’t know when the pandemic will be over, what we do know is that the workplace will most definitely be different – with companies both expanding and downsizing their office premises, it’s set to be an interesting year for business.

If you would like to find out more about our serviced offices in Bradford or learn more about how we are adapting our offices for COVID-19, please get in touch with us today.

New measures we have put in place:

  • Social distancing will apply throughout our business centres. Clearly marked on all main entrances and common area walk ways.
  • Clear signage across our sites have been installed to ensure all visitors and tenants follow 2m social distancing rules.
  • As per Government advice a full risk assessment has been carried out and is available. Please ask one of our Workspace Coordinators if you wish to see a copy of this.
  • All communal areas and touchpoints are cleaned using hospital grade cleaning products throughout the day.
  • Non touch hand sanitisers available at Main Reception, protective Perspex screens have been installed at main reception to ensure the safety of our employees and to ensure the 2m distance is maintained.


Current Situation

  • Both of our buildings are now open for business.
  • Virtual viewings and viewings in person are available across all locations and following the social distancing measures at all times


We thank you for your full cooperation during these unprecedented times and trust that you will work with us to help keep everyone safe and secure. The Government guidelines must be followed and we ask that you to read these if you haven’t already. Working Safely in Offices.

Regular weekly updates will be provided or if anything changes within each week.

Thank you all for your support.
Michelle, Managing Director.