Surviving during the pandemic.

Initially, the coronavirus lockdown hit the Sugar Snap Kitchen team really hard. They love coming to Hope Park Workspaces, serving customers and doing what they do and having to suspend their service has been difficult! But they were quick to bounce back and with a positive growth mindset set began to look at what opportunities lay in the lockdown crisis.

Josiah who says “At Sugar Snap Kitchen we are passionate about transforming lives.  During lockdown, our team have used all the resilience training, personal development skills and critical thinking experience gained from the Sugar Snap project to motivate themselves. They have already identified others that they want to help, as well as thinking about how we can launch a food van, taking Sugar Snap Kitchen’s menu out to more people, in the future.”

Josiah Sulc, CEO Sugar Snap Kitchen

Looking forward to reopening.

Using locally sourced produced and fruit and veg from their community allotment garden, you’ll be seeing a new menu with daily specials. The team have been working closely with Hope Park to ensure the safety of their staff and others whilst moving towards offering their amazing food and drinks to Hope Park’s tenants. A perspex protective screen has been installed on the Cafe counter, extra sanitisation points and reduced staff who will receive extensive health and safety training will ensure that both staff and customers are safe.  A brilliant new initiative to order your coffee and food via their Instagram account and get food delivered straight to your desk is set to launch when Sugar Snap are aiming to return at the beginning of July. Discussions have begun about creating an outdoor seating area so customers can enjoy Sugar Snaps food whilst taking a well-deserved break from work to enjoy the fresh air.

A special relationship.

When asked about the relationship between Hope Park Workspaces and Sugar Snap Kitchen, Josiah commented: ‘Since the beginning, Hope Park have supported our cause and got behind our vision. We both agree that it’s less of a tenant and landlord relationship and more of a partnership between two social enterprises who are passionate about supporting businesses growth whilst helping to transform lives through the success of our respective organisations. Due to the recent lack in revenue, Hope Park has supported us to reduce operational costs which has enabled us to bounce back stronger than before’.

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