Unserviced offices

What are unserviced offices?

Unserviced offices are often known as leased offices or leased buildings. They involve renting from a landlord on a long-term contract.

What are the pros and cons of unserviced offices?

One benefit of this is it allows you complete control of the space, allowing you to be creative with layout and looks, creating a space that is uniquely your own. However, you will also be solely responsible for the upkeep, any repairs or maintenance and will also be tasked with installing any amenities that you need such as furniture, phones, internet and utilities your business needs as well as paying all business and water rates.

As you can see, an unserviced office definitely has its perks, allowing you freedom of choice in the kind of space you move into, as well as how it looks and allows you to make sure the space is perfect for your business and its needs. Despite this, it is often a hugely underestimated option for a business and can be extremely time-consuming and costly. Plus, it can often entail hidden issues that you are not aware of when you first move in, which you are then tasked with resolving, often making it harder for independent or smaller businesses to manage.

Serviced offices

Serviced offices, which are most often found in business centres, provide most amenities for businesses that need a professional workspace. They come fully equipped and fully furnished, as well as having high-quality phone and internet services already installed, saving you a huge amount of time and money when looking to get your business into an office space. Another perk is the fact that serviced offices often include reception and support staff, such as cleaners and IT support. This allows you to not only get up and running in your office quicker but saves a lot of time and money on any problems you may face down the line.

How do you pay for serviced offices?

You can pay on a month-by-month basis, allowing flexibility if you need to leave the space, or if your business expands you can easily move into a larger space within the business centre. Serviced offices avoid the need for long-term leases or a large financial outlay with a traditional payment plan for a leased building such as deposit and quarterly rent.

What is included in the cost of a serviced office?

The price of a serviced office typically includes all rates, utilities, cleaning, maintenance, repairs, security, reception and IT staff. Plus you have the bonus of various meeting rooms to choose from, kitchen & restroom facilities and breakout areas.

In short, serviced offices guarantee a high-quality office solution for businesses – fully equipped with everything your business needs at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office set-up, whilst still offering complete flexibility.

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