serviced offices Bradford

Serviced offices Bradford: What we offer you

There are a lot of things said about serviced offices; lots of things said that might make you think that a serviced office isn’t the best option for your business. However, we don’t offer your average serviced office here at Hope Park Business Centres, Bradford; we offer a premium service at a great price, suitable for businesses of all sizes.

We have a determination to offer Bradford’s highest-quality serviced offices and create a vibrant, inspiring atmosphere that makes you happy to come to work.

What makes us think that we offer you a service that’s superior to what other serviced offices give you?

Serviced offices Bradford: Our offices

Obviously, the crucial element of serviced offices is the actual office. We think that we’re on track to offering the best offices that you’ll find on Bradford. Here’s why.

Simple contracts: When contracts are complicated, it can be complicated and overwhelming, especially if that’s something that you aren’t clued up about. When it comes to working at one of Hope Park’s business centres, a simple contract covers everything. You’ll be set to move onto your new premises in days. We deal with everything from IT, to telephones and maintenance.

Flexible: Commitments are hard, especially when it’s something that you don’t really want to commit to. At Hope Park, we don’t expect you to commit to a whole building, a whole floor, or any other facilities that you don’t need for your business. With our offices, you decide exactly what you need for your business; if that ever changes, we change with you.

Everything you need: If you’re moving into a new office, you don’t want to fund everything that you need, too; new furniture, IT setups, and services can cost a lot of money. When you rent an office at one of our business centres, you can pick and choose between the services and facilities that you require, and offices come with everything that you could possibly need.

Serviced offices Bradford: Other facilities

Hope Park business centres come with a large range of other facilities and services that might be useful or essential for your business.

Meeting rooms: if you know that you’re going to host meetings on a fairly regular basis, you’re going to need to make sure that you have a space that is suitable for your meetings. You don’t just want to be using your usual office. Fortunately, we offer meeting rooms that are available for you to use whenever you see fit. In total, we offer three professional, modern meeting rooms designed for a variety of business functions that might need to take place. With uses such as interviews, panel and board meetings, and training, our meeting rooms are perfect for your business.

Sports facilities: If you’re looking to set up any sporty events, our sports centre could be perfect for your needs. Our centre is easily accessed from the M606, there’s plenty of parking, and the facilities are competitively priced. Essentially, all of these things make us a highly-viable choice when you’re looking for a local sports facility. With showers and changing facilities available, our facilities are all-inclusive.