Unbranded Digital are branding and web design specialists, who focus on using their
expertise to help businesses develop, unlocking their potential to grow and reach new levels.
Founder Lee Hart heads up the team of four, which includes web designer Elise, and
apprentices Brad and Kyle. Working with everyone from local plumbers up to FTSE 250
companies, the business also includes an office in Australia and clients in France.
When the coronavirus lockdown came in March it was clear that the Unbranded Digital team
would need to move premises: unable to work from home or from their previous small, windowless

That’s when Hope Park stepped in and offered the Unbranded Digital team an alternative,
where they could safely work and continue to run their business.

Lee explains “Daniel and Michelle have been great, and really helped our business get
working again. The flexibility they have offered is really good for us, especially with these
uncertain times. And now we have the opportunity to expand into a bigger space if needed.
The standard of the offices is great, the facilities are fantastic, and the ethics of the business is important to us.”

For Lee and his team, the commitment of Hope Park to maintain excellence as standard paired with their reinvestment of all profits back into the charity TLG transforming lives for good, was an important factor in their choice of office space. As was the Hope Park team’s drive to create a thriving community for businesses of all
sizes. He says, “The community element of being in the workspace is hard at the moment,
because of the coronavirus restrictions, but I think there is a lot to be said about how the
Hope Park team care about their tenants – they are always looking at how to make things

Going forward Lee says he is more confident now, after lockdown, about their business’s
growth. He finishes by saying “This year is looking to be a good year for us, and we are in a
fast growth stage, having doubled our turnover.
During the lockdown period the business has been kept busy, working with companies in
specialist niche areas, such as a skip hire company and wholesale haberdashery. Both
industries seeing a boom during the pandemic.
Going forward businesses will need to adapt and change, and I see that there will be plenty
of opportunity for Unbranded Digital to work with them.”