Sphere 43 draws on more than 25 years of practical copywriting and marketing experience, developing marketing strategies and the business works closely with graphic designers and website developers. As a copywriter, Mark also supplies copy for his client’s websites, brochures, advertising and award entries and bid documents.

We caught up with him to find out what is he likes about working in Hope Park.

“For most of my life I’ve worked in bustling advertising agencies, so I am used to being sociable as well as being able to concentrate very hard on my writing when I need to. I think a co-working space is ideal for creative people who need a combination of calm and interaction to make the day go faster and more productively. Hope Park have made sure that the coworking space complies with government health guidelines which has meant that I can continue to work in the knowledge that I am also working safely.

There is a vibrant atmosphere around the place and the standard of the offices, and the public areas is excellent. The management team are always accessible, friendly and positive. I can’t overstate how different Hope Park is to my previous commercial landlord. I enjoy inviting my clients here, especially when the Sugar Snap café is open, and the reception area is buzzing.’

Mark moved Sphere 43 to Hope Park four years ago. Impressed by the warm welcome he received, the business’s social enterprise model also attracted him to the workspace.

He says “I think the Hope Park’s social enterprise status and their support to the charity TLG makes a big difference to the attitude of the Hope Park management team. They are commercial and very professional in the way they maintain and develop the premises, but they are also personable and take time to listen to tenants. You feel like they want your business to succeed here. I am also enjoying working closely with Cloud2, who are also based at Hope Park.”

What’s next for Sphere 43? Looking forward Mark is keen to see his clients succeed in their sectors.

“One aim is to contribute in some capacity with the Bradford 2025 City of Culture bid. Another is to guide my clients to continued success through the use of intelligent marketing where it is needed. Success for me is my clients winning awards based on their achievements.”

Find out more about Sphere43 here www.sphere43.com