Wanting to hire more staff

From taking on your first staff member to introducing a new colleague into your ever-expanding team, your workspace size is an integral factor when it comes to growing the number of roles within your business.
If you’re planning to bring on new staff, you need to ensure you have the capacity to take on the new members within your business. You don’t want to find yourself in an overcrowded atmosphere as this will lead to colleagues feeling uncomfortable, cause a poor work ethic and may also risk breaking working condition laws.


Healthy Finances

The business has been going well for some time and now you’ve got room to stretch your financial legs. Your first workspace has been a great stepping stone for getting the business off the ground, why not consider the next step in growing your company by expanding into a larger, more professional office space?
Growing your workspace is one of those aspects of business that ends up being forgotten about. Other areas of the business take priority and you find yourself at the same location years down the line. Don’t let it fall to the bottom of the pile, make it a key priority to expand your workspace and take your business to the next level.


Frequent meetings

If you’re starting your business from home or have your own small business hub, making sure your workspace matches your business is key for first impressions. Meeting in local coffee shops is always great to start with, but as your meetings grow larger, you’ll want to have a space ready to facilitate your requirements.
Make your business workspace stand out with professional premises with us here at Hope Park. Alongside our great range of office spaces to choose from, you also have the option to rent our meeting rooms at discounted prices (if you’re a tenant in either of our locations). Whether you need or organise a brainstorming session with a few colleagues or a corporate meeting with clients, we have something to choose for any occasion. View our full range of meeting rooms.


Your office location could be better

Your first office will always have a special place in your heart, it’s where your business started, the place that made your idea real. That initial office location may have been ideal at the time, but you’ve taken on a few employees, you’re having more client meetings, and you’re realising your business hub is not evolving with your business. It’s just not working out anymore.
Your next office space should represent what type of business you are. Accessible, modern and inviting. Get your employees and clients excited to come and visit your business by showing off with an impressive workspace.


Your workspace lease is coming up to renewal

If your long-standing lease is coming up to an end, it’s a great time to consider your future business prospects later down the line. Many leases can last up to 3, 5 and even 10 years in certain business contracts.
Do you plan to take on another staff member? Will the business need more stock storage? Do you want to get into a new customer market that requires a location change? These are all factors to consider and could determine whether or not it’s the time to move to a new and improved office workspace.


Those are our top 5 reasons for when it’s right time to move into a new office space. If you’re considering moving or looking to open your first business office, get in touch with us today.

What is a Satellite Office?

A satellite office is a smaller business branch, separate from the businesses Headquarters. It is often a smaller office which allows businesses to diversify locations they target and operate in smaller, more agile workspaces.

What are the benefits of a Satellite Office?

There are a huge range of benefits to a business when running a satellite office model, especially during COVID-19. The first of which is transportation. By running a set of smaller localised offices, employees can have a more accessible place of work to travel to. 

Whilst COVID-19 limits transportation via public transport this is especially effective, allowing members of an organisation to get to work quicker, easier and with less need for and time spent on public transport. 

Satellite offices also work well when partnered with the option to work from home. By giving employees a smaller hub they are free to use whenever they need, it can make the process of working from home easier, safer and more effective.

Satellite offices also tend to be occupied by generally smaller teams, helping members of staff to continue social distancing and limit the spread of coronavirus whilst at work. This is a particularly important point at this time when safety for employees and businesses being COVID compliant is key.

The satellite office system overall gives businesses freedom and flexibility. Many employees are happy to be allowed to work from home, however, there are certain times when face-to-face meetings, team working or team events are necessary. For this, a satellite office is the perfect solution, allowing a base of operations for a team to work or a place to take meetings that can be accessed easily and only when it is required.

Why Choose Hope Park?

Hope Park has a great range of serviced satellite office options available – fully furnished with all the necessary resources a business requires. Our office sizes range from 1-2, 3-4, 6-10 and 15-30 person offices. We also have perfect size meeting rooms to accompany these offices from 1-3 up to 15-30 people. With flexible spaces to suit a variety of different sized businesses, an impressive reception and breakout areas will make great first impressions to your clients.  Get in touch now and book a viewing for your business at our Rooley Lane or City Gateway, Bradford locations.