30 Mar 2015

Like music to your ears is colour to your self

Colour really does affect your behaviour. Do you remember these? How crazily did they mess with your brain? All because of colour, my appetite denied the ketchup- a message sent from my brain.

According to Colour Psychologist Angela Wright she says “Color travels to us on wavelengths of photons from the sun. And when they strike a colored object, that object absorbs only the wavelengths that match its own atomic structure, and they reflect the rest, and that’s what we see. So the different wavelengths strike the eye in different ways. In the retina, they are converted into electrical impulses that pass to the part of the brain known as the hypothalamus, which governs our endocrine system and hormones, and much of our activity.”

Enough said, so if you want to be partially responsible for the super effectiveness and creativity of your people, whether visitors, clients or your team, then sip your latte and read on…

In a recent survey done at the University of Texas, bland grey, beige and white office spaces promoted feelings of sadness and depression. Just when you thought Marigold was a safe colour…

This is my station below…I love it here, the sky is the limit with the  high ceiling, and the colours add to my liveliness that coffee alone doesn’t achieve. Green is a wise choice to induce happiness and effectiveness, it’s also good for those who work long hours.The big window connects with me every morning…Would my energy and inspiration still be there if I worked from a plain grey windowless office? …need I say more? 

Two of our collection of offices, are homes for design & Web companies. Red is a high wavelength colour- inspiring activity, pressure and also known to increase heart rate and blood flow upon sight.

Whatever colour you choose, it will have an effect on your productivity. Do you think Virgin’s offices are plain grey?

Colour connects with our brains too, to bring a sense of well being. 

The accents of colour work well to bring a variety of zing, energy and freshness to a plain office. We all like our “own chairs” in the office right?  Why not change them over and see how it makes you feel?- Trust me it does something!

This will keep things fresh and motivating to the human soul.

How alive would you feel here if you were coming away from your desk for a break. Like a cold plunge pool to our bodies, so is a change of colour to the eyes and our minds.

Psychologists reckon that yellow induces optimism. This colour is a great backdrop for those in the creative industry working on your designs and novels on a cold and wet average British day, making you feel glorious and happy.

A final word of warning when colouring your spaces…the brighter the colour, the less serious you look. Dark colours are regal, corporate, responsible and confident- good for the MI5 I’d say.

So go and enjoy your new pallets!  See the difference and feel the results.