Move to Hope Park & A* facilities
For the past 5 years the AFD sales team have been located at Hope Park Workspaces. The
excellent access to the motorway was key for the team who spent much of their time
travelling. Client meetings were either just 20 minutes from Leeds city centre or 45 minutes
to the centre of Manchester.
Jonathan says “With the Sales team travelling across the region, the location of Hope Park
was ideal for us. We also appreciated all the facilities which are A*, with the access to the
meeting rooms, sports hall, car charging and food court.”

Some of the AFD Software team

Now the AFD team are on the move again but are keen to continue their strong and very
positive relationship with Hope Park. Jonathan explains how the Coronavirus pandemic has
meant changes for the team, something that for a business that trades in tech, wasn’t too
difficult to implement;
“We are a technology business, so it only took us a couple of hours to get an identical
working setup at home for everyone when lockdown meant we all had to work from home.
Adapting to remote meetings rather than face to face has been a shift in how we interact,
but one that has been received positively.”
Prior to the pandemic the office was mainly used by the sales team at AFD. The
‘work from home’ lockdown rules made AFD realise that for the couple of days a week that
they were using the office their work could be done remotely with minimal disruption.

Hope Park for weekly team meet ups

Despite their move to homeworking for the time being, the AFD team are planning to use
Hope Park as a satellite office for face-to-face working days, as its location, at the top of the M606
motorway is a perfect half point between the team members.
Jonathan is also keen to continue the AFD’s strong working relationship with Hope Park, and
ends by saying “If we decide to return to working in a shared office, which is a big
possibility, Hope Park will be the first, and only place we need to speak with.”

To find out more about AFD Software, visit their website: